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        Welcome to DONGGUAN LANQI CAP&BAG CO.,LTD !                




        Product Categories





        好品質 需要對比來突出

        High quality fabric choice


        Anti-pilling, anti-pilling, the international standard color fastness,environmental dyeing.

        Ordinary manufacturers hat fabric casual choice


        Easy to play the ball, out of color, smell, easy to cause skin allergies.

        LanQi hat industry every hat, the details stand the test


        LanQi hat industry to use international standards alignment, 8-inch-inch, uniform line cap line, sewing fine neatly, so that the hat is more comfortable, more durable and more beautiful.

        Ordinary manufacturers hat car sutures sparse thick, no details


        Other hat factory hat line angle at random production, car suture sparse large, easy broken line scattered, easy to wear, difficult to fit a variety of head type.

        Lanqi each product to maintain the brand image


        The use of German imports of printing machines, Shinto imported from Japan and BEHRINGER top embroidery machine, embroidered workmanship to ensure that every pattern are fine and clear.

        General manufacturers production capacity is difficult to meet the brand requirements


        Hats logo on the process of rough, jumper, missing needle, crooked; printing blurred, difficult to meet the brand of high quality requirements.

        Where to find worry and effort cap custom company?

        4 is all we need to do to solve all your problems.



        Excellent version of the designer for your tailor services

        Lanqi each year for customers to develop more than 2,000 new products, the fastest speed to provide customers with the latest popular elements of fabrics, accessories and other design;

        A number of senior designers, perennial experience for the big brand services, so that the design of the blue-chi more ingenuity .

        The industry's first use of OEM, ODM many to one service

        Clerk intimate follow-up

        Professional designers develop designs each quarter;

        Handle Fabric Analysis selection, color matching;

        15 years of experience in the hat, professional plate out of a pattern ;



        Equipment, technology, reputation, are only to create high-end quality

        Lanqi headwear industry has been through SGS, CE, ISO 9001: 2000 and other international factory inspection and product certification to ensure product quality;

        Production process is mature and smooth, each production process to strictly control the quality, QC testing, before leaving the factory;

        Special production experience, through a variety of fabric testing, safety testing;

        For eight consecutive years by the Dongguan Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau as "the contract, keeping promises outstanding enterprises" .

        Caring service, the courage to promise to ensure quality, is the best commitment


        Add :Daling Shan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province   Tel: 0769-81881217    E-mail:admin@lanqicap.com

        Mobile: 13725797047 Mr Chan
        Copright@Dongguan Lanqi cap bag Co.ltd